ADAM REBORN: A Family Guide to Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Is this normal? A wife has legal standing over a mother regarding medical decisions for her spouse. Hello, I am 22 years old and I received a craniatomy after I was in an accident about 2 months ago, and my skull has been replaced a week ago. My question is those who had loved ones in a similar surgery or anyone who's gone through this yourself, does anyone know that life will recover like it was before? Or will this be almost a disable for anyone who has gone through this.

Due to his brain swelling they removed his bone in his skull. He lost feeling on his left arm and weaknesses on his left leg. Reading these comments give me hope that he will improve once his flip bone is replace. I really hope so.

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Our life's is not the same waiting on his to get better. My husband had splinter running across frontal skull taking away his right eye and had to undergo surgery. Although, he is far better than what doctors had warned. It is going to be two years in three months.

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I wanted to know if your spouse became all fine after craniotomy? Hi everyone, I've had two craniectomies and since had to put my "life on hold" twice. The first was an emergency surgery to allow my brain to swell after I was hit in the head by a while playing softball. The second one was done to clean out an infection I got after my bone flap had been replaced.

There was a brief period of time when I actually had a full skull before Then a mysterious infection hit my life Islas somehow become the x files. It's like a cruel joke that somebody is playing on me : I now await my second cranioplasty without any idea of whether I will get back my own bone flap or a prosthetic. It's difficult to live with a bone flap I'm always paranoid about rolling onto my right side while I sleep. I'm also tired of wearing a helmet all the time. That sucks. I had cranioctomy 13 years ago and recently sustained an infection.

Brett's Story: Back to College after a Traumatic Brain Injury

I now may have to have it done again. Hopefully, the science will improve to allow for alternatives to this rather harsh invasive procedure. I saw your post and had to respond. I am a year-old woman who is a year out of your exact situation. I suffered a subdural hematoma from a car accident, had a craniotomy with burr hole treatment a straw basically draining your blood , but then it became infected with 5 staph infections after my staples came out.

I had the second craniotomy and washout one month after the first. I endured 3 months of IV Vancomycin at home after discharge but something felt awful in my head.

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  8. I could literally feel the screws from my bone flap, pushing themselves out. I was in severe pain but was scared to go back to the original hospital! So I got a second opinion a county over. Last June, , a surgeon saved my life by believing in my concerns and went into brain surgery blind. No scans currently can allow our hardware to be seen accurately. In surgery, he found all the screws loose and and the bone flap destroyed, due to it hitting my healthy skull with every heartbeat.

    He performed a craniectomy and cranioplasty. Basically making a new bone flap, using pins instead of screws, and stapled it up. You can overcome this. I am fully functioning now when before the 3rd surgery, I could hardly speak, had terrible short-term memory, and right-sided weakness. My saving grace was intensive outpatient therapy at a neurorehab outside of Detroit. Today when meeting new people, they all say they would never have guessed all that happened by how I present myself and speak.

    The 3rd surgery changed my life for the better, as I know it can do for you! I am trying to post again You are sent home with in just a few days. Your first few days home you are in need of some help from your family but you will be home with your family and very coherent when not on pain meds. I had a bit more than the craniectomy done but I am feeling so much better. Don't prolong your surgery. Symptoms can stay the same or worsen.

    No one knows when this can happen and for me personally I did not want that risk. To the person who most recent posted about concerns to return back home to her two young children. I was home 4 days later. The first 3 or 4 days I needed assistance from my 3 grown son's and husband. Week two I was able to be up and around. You can't lift the children or a gallon of milk at this time but you will be home with your children. My wife after 11 years had to have her bone flap re-removed after replacing it.

    If I would have known back then I would have never had the use the same bone flap. Our neurosurgeon said it is safest to have a Prosthetic to replace it. I can tell you that the last three months have been filled with her fighting a infection and about five weeks in the hospital.

    A Family Guide to Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury

    Her bone flap was just replaced and and just overnight what a difference it has made having her whole again. No more nausea spells and balance issues. I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in October while seven months pregnant, thankfully baby survived the surgery and was born in January. During surgery I suffered a stroke and lost function of my left hand, and doctors could not put my bone flap on my right side due to the brain being swollen.

    Now I'm just waiting for a second surgery to put my bone flap back in. I'm nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect for this surgery and don't want to be in the hospital for too long away from my two sons who are two years old and a newborn.

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    I know medical advise can't be given but if someone who went trough this surgery could comment? I will be checking on new comments. Thank you. I had 3 brain aneurysms in , had brain surgery and 2 months later MRSA infection. I just had my 11th surgery on Dec 6, because of another infection that after almost 5 yrs set in.

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    Now no skull again, home on vancomicin picc and waiting for surgery Let's hope this will be my last? Chins up and move on, keeping a positive attitude also can help. I feel your pain.

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    I am awaiting my 9th surgery next June to replace my skull plate. Brain tumor surgery 3 times then infection, plate rejection, antibiotics, titanium back in and another infection, wash outs, infections Crazy time in my life yet I am very Thankful for my life even as it is. Hang in there and yes Attitude is everything!!!! I've had the same surgery. The neurologist told my mom the same.