Christmas Comes But Once A Year

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Why did this block occur?

First Baptist Church, 79th and Broadway. Is everything okay? What, you can't put two and two together? Listen, cutie, wrap your head around finding the right famous face or my other thing about the T-zone. I want 10 tags apiece, then I narrow it down and then we go to Don. Are you serious? I'll do them, too. Don't worry, I'm sure yours will be better because you're girlier. Lee Garner Jr Put him through. Caroline, did he say what it was about? Well, hello, Lee.

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How's Palm Beach? Heading back there in a couple of days. Where the hell are you? In town doing a little Christmas shopping. Yeah, I'd love to see you now that I Know you're in town. How about lunch? We're having a Christmas party. Why am I getting my invitation so late? Because I thought you were out of town. Madison Avenue office Christmas party? I've seen the movies. You find me. I'm looking forward to it. You won't be disappointed. I just got off the phone with Lee Garner Jr.

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He's going to stop by. We're gonna have to have a Christmas party, a real one. In fact, he was offended that we hadn't invited him already. Uninvite him. Take him to the Four Seasons. He can have three entrees.

This man doesn't care about food. I know that you've lived your life from a bottomless pocket, but there's a very real system of money coming in versus money going out. Overtime, supplies being used carelessly, leaving the lights on, parties, it adds up. We have Pond's and I hate the way you say "percent," you know that?

What about our other clients? We have no other clients. If Lee Garner Jr. Get Jeanie in here. You want something? I brought it from home. There's been a small adjustment to the scale of our Christmas party. Lower or higher? Lee Garner Jr. I trust you'll make the appropriate improvements. Well, I don't. We need to change its rating from convalescent home to Roman orgy. I want a bartender and a tree.

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Screw him. I love Christmas. You love Christmas parties. We're going to need more employees, so I'm going to allow everyone escorts, even the girls. New York food, deli and Chinese, and some kind of gift for Mr. You're off-limits.

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I don't think he's the one who needs to be reminded. He was all over you the time you wore that red dress, the one with the bow in the back that makes you look like a present. You have an incredible memory. Yeah, I think about it a lot. That dress, I mean. I didn't mean it that way.

All I was saying was this is the office and that's life. And this is good and that's life.

What a nice surprise. Sheila at the Station baked Them. Who's Sheila? She's 60 years old. You see how shaky the icing is? Hey, knock it off. I want to lie down. I'm tired. How is my face? Fresh, dewy, well cared for? Let me get a better look. You taste like soap. I'm in the middle of a seven-day beauty plan. Can't we just get undressed and lie together again?

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