Dating Without Promiscuity

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In this marriage, you devote all of yourself to your significant other. This devotion is the reason why being pure before marriage is terribly important. Yet, the idea of having only one partner before committing to just one may not sound appealing to some. However, there is an emotional determent to being promiscuous before tying the knot.

Does Sexual History Affect Marital Happiness?

The concept of sex is not casual. It is an act that seals a bond between two people.

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Sex is an emotional connection where you strip yourself of all your walls and allow another person to share in your deepest privacies. Considering sex a nonchalant rendezvous demeans sex's meaning and what it is supposed to accomplish. The bond that sex creates loses its value the more times it is done. The more partners you have, the more of yourself you leave behind. There is then less you have to offer the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. As society has evolved, the way we decide to love and how we accomplish that love has changed.

Humans have determined many names for how we love. The ideas that we can have multiple partners or have affairs or get divorces are all accepted. Not only is sex deemed casual, but marriage is deemed obsolete. The idea that there are plenty of ways to love could sound appealing to those looking to experiment. Psychologists like to put names to the different forms of love that we have come to recognize.

For example, polyamory — a form of love with multiple partners — is a practice that we have started to acknowledge in society.


Polyamory is a relationship philosophy that recognizes "people's capacity to share and multiply their love in honest and consensual ways. The issue I see with this form of love is the lack of fulfillment.

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Something is missing. The idea that you have to share your intimate self with more than one person is incomprehensible to me. The natural emotions, like jealousy, that humans experience are unavoidable. There would more than likely come a time when the facade could not be held in place. Personally, the feeling of always searching for something, never being satisfied with only one person and having to keep up with multiple relationships seems exhausting.

The question I asked myself was, "how could I be sure that I would be happy with this one person sexually for the rest of my life? Or, at least, the one I choose to be with forever will be more than satisfactory in that department.

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And so, waiting for that one person would be worth it. But him to love you free like a wildfire, crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow, sudden like an inhale and overcoming like the tides. Joybell C. Opinions expressed in columns and letters are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Daily or organizations with which the author s are associated.

Sexual Behavior in Borderline Personality

Feedback policy: The Daily encourages discussion but does not guarantee its publication. Why be monogamous when promiscuity is so damn easy? This was my experience of app dating, too, which I tried when I first came to New York. I could feel myself slipping into a superficial, acquisitive mindset, casually dismissing some girls and pining for others based simply on how much cleavage they showed in their profile picture.

I hated it and deleted the apps, permanently. I preferred dating the old-fashioned way. Women such as Lauren — and men, too — have internalised this reality. The shallow among us may enjoy this dynamic, but for many it is unsatisfying.

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