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Roger Ebert considered it one of the greatest Western films of all time. This movie was the last movie shown in the motion picture The Last Picture Show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Red River Theatrical release poster. Borden Chase Charles Schnee. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved May 17, With the impact of other nuanced treatments, such as Brokeback Mountain , No Country for Old Men , The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and There Will Be Blood, as well as a remake of to Yuma , many speculated whether a digitally monitored western society was now feeling nostalgic for an age when men made their own laws on the hoof.

Others suspected it was a romantic yearning for the days when a fortune could be made overnight with the discovery of oil or gold. But that is just the beginning. We can also soon expect to see Scot Brian Cox starring with Donald Sutherland and his son Kiefer in Forsaken , where they will play an estranged father and son for director Jon Cassar.

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Russell and Sean Young have already premiered at the London film festival this autumn in another new western, Bone Tomahawk , a bloody horror story from S Craig Zahler which has done well in the video on demand market, despite a limited release in cinemas.

Rumours, then, that the western was lying face down in the dirt for ever were evidently exaggerated. Yet since the black and white days, when villains could be spotted as they rode through Monument Valley because they wore the darker hats, the form has regularly resurfaced in a new guise for each generation.

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  5. In the s, in the aftermath of the Korean war, came the stylised, gory violence of Sam Peckinpah. By the time The Man With No Name was standing on the other side of the camera, producing the Oscar-winning Unforgiven in , the vocabulary of the western had expanded. The sense of jeopardy was different in the railway shanty towns of Yorkshire, Thompson admits, but as a lifelong lover of westerns, he was delighted when he found an equivalence. But then we found this slice of social history we knew nothing about and a group of people who lived exactly like that, around a tavern run by the rail company, and a grocers called the Tommy shop.

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    Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. Hawk is back in Town Western Novella 34 pages. You like your Westerns wild? You like old towns where you meet the good, the bad, and the ugly, complete.

    Table of contents. Shortly thereafter, Dunson arrives in Abilene with his posse. Valance tries to keep the two apart, but Dunson beats him to the draw, badly wounding him while Valance inflicts a flesh wound on Dunson. Dunson and Matt begin a furious fistfight, which Tess interrupts by drawing a gun on both men, shooting wildly and demanding that they realize the love that they share.

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    Dunson and Matt see the error of their ways and make peace. The film ends with Dunson advising Matt to marry Tess, and telling Matt that he will incorporate an M into the Red River D brand as he had promised 14 years before, because he has earned it. Red River was filmed in , copyrighted in , but not released until September 30, Footage from Red River was later incorporated into the opening montage of Wayne's last film, The Shootist , to illustrate the backstory of Wayne's character. Second unit director Arthur Rosson was given credit in the opening title crawl as co-director.

    He shot parts of the cattle drive and some action sequences.

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    The film's ending differed from that of the original story. During the production and while the film was still being shot, Howard Hawks was not satisfied with the editing and asked Christian Nyby to take over cutting duties. Nyby worked about 1 year on the project. After production, the pre-release version was minutes and included book-style transitions.


    Howard Hawks felt this version was too long, and that the inserts in the book were both difficult to read and awkward, slowing down the pace of the film. He had a narration written and called Walter Brennan in to record it. They removed the book-style transitions and, together with Brennan's narration, tightened the running time and added a beneficial character intimacy to the film.