I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

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We also registered her in a private school with one of her little sisters, Haifa. The school was paid for directly from that bank account, as was a new family house, next to the school. On the ground floor of the house, there is a grocery shop, where the dad and brothers can now work.

Nujood has actually gained respect in her family since she is now the breadwinner. It took a long time, but we ended up reaching our goal: helping Nujood and make sure she is happy—although she still sometimes skips school. RIF: In February , the Yemeni parliament finally passed a new law raising the legal age of consent for marriage to seventeen for both boys and girls. Given his conservatism, do you think that the law will actually be implemented?

But instead of entering a religious debate, Yemeni women activists concentrate their fight on the dangerous consequences of being a child bride: dropping out of school, dying during their first sexual intercourse which happened recently in a small village , miscarriage, or dying during childbirth. These women are still hopeful for possible change. But it may take time.

Activists also insist that the law is not enough. Whether it is finally passed or not, they have to work hard on awareness campaigns: organizing workshops in villages, talking with women and men. Developing education is a key issue, especially in a country where most of the women are illiterate. RIF: In regard to the question above, many nongovernmental organizations are trying to promote the law.

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We understand that Nujood has taken part in some related rallies. Does she fear she will be persecuted for her participation? Somehow, the international media attention—as well as the book—protect her. She is a well-known figure now. Nobody would dare persecute or threaten her. Also, her story has inspired three other child brides who asked for divorce—and got it—Reem, Arwa, Sally.

She says that she feels close to them.

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Sometimes she visits them. How closely did you work with Shada while writing this book, and are you still in touch with her? Why do you think Shada was able to win this case?

Is she currently involved in representing other girls like Nujood in the Middle East? DM: Shada Nasser is a very devoted lawyer who spent a lot of time fighting—for free—for Nujood.

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Without her, Nujood may not have succeeded. The day of the trial, the court was packed! Despite pressure and threats, she always kept on doing her job—because she believes in it. Because she dreams for a better life for women in Yemen, a better life for her own kids too. I really admire her. We became very close friends. I recently had dinner with her in Beirut—she was invited there to talk on a TV show about child brides.

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Over dinner, she told me about other cases she followed, including Sally, the last child bride she managed to help. I could see a big smile on her face. But Shada is the only one who saved her. DM: No, I did not. Whenever I travel in a different country, I keep a low profile and try to adapt to the local culture. After living for more than 12 years in the Middle East, I realized that many times, we, the journalists, can be the ones to provoke threats against us.

The key is to travel with a virgin mind, to put aside our stereotypes and to listen carefully to the people we are talking with—even if we disagree with them.

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One way to be accepted by the locals is to pay attention to our looks, to not stand out. I always dress humbly. One of the first things I did when I arrived in Sanaa: I bought a local abbaya a long black dress and a black scarf, that I wore when I traveled to villages.

Of course, if you wear Ray Ban sunglasses and a tight t-shirt, you may stir anger. Is she still intent on pursuing a law degree, and fighting against injustices toward girls and women in the Middle East? I had to win his confidence. It took awhile. As of June , Ali, now sixteen, has unofficially changed her name from Nujood, which means "hidden," to Nojoom , which means "stars in the sky.

According to the Huffington Post , she married in and now has two girls.


I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced Summary & Study Guide

Her education wasn't advanced as originally planned. Her family has been said to have pressured her to demand more money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An earlier translated version of this article may have introduced errors of fact which may no longer be evident after subsequent copyediting. It needs attention from someone fluent in French and English to check it for accuracy. France Retrieved 25 March Los Angeles Times.


Note: Apart from other details, this website names the judge. Profil Austrian news magazine. Retrieved April 10, Perhaps it is desperation or the fact that these women had to watch their lives happen to them as outsiders that unleashed a desire to own their lives, their bodies, and their fates. Perhaps there is something about being stripped of what makes one human that pushes the strongest of us to fight in ways we did not know we could to re-establish claim to our own selves.

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

It gives the impression that Western outrage and money has the ability to change the course of a life for the better. Of course, this may sometimes be true, but this was not the case with Nujood. She was granted her divorce, that is true, but did her life actually become better when one incorporates the updates on her life? As is often the case, however, different strands of misogyny popped up in her life, such as her father stealing much of her money and using it to propagate even more misogyny onto a third wife.

All of the other issues are merely outgrowths of that misogyny. The key of fixing all of these individual problems is rolling back the culture that does not value girlhood and womanhood and ascribe to them basic human rights. To start with the problem, such as child marriage, and try to work backwards has proven time and again to be unsuccessful.

One must work forward: start with misogyny and work to create a culture of welcoming and celebrating girls and women. All the rest will follow as a matter of course. Publisher Broadway Books, Inc. Place Published New York. Page Count