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First, you pick the field with the linked records you want to look up. Note that if there are multiple linked records, the lookup will concatenate the cell values and separate them with a comma.

LOOKUP formula examples

A count field lets you count the number of linked records in a record link column. A rollup field performs calculations or formulas on specific cells from records that are linked to another field in your table. Sound complicated? Watch this video guide and get started in seconds. Spreadsheet users can think of the rollup field as a way of creating more sophisticated pivot tables.

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A single order could contain several pieces of furniture. A rollup would then allow you to calculate the total price of the furniture records in each order.

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You configure a rollup by first selecting the field that links to the records you're interested in aggregating. The last step is to select a way to aggregate the cell values from the linked records.

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Average, sum, min and max are a few examples of aggregation functions you can use on a rollup. When you start editing the aggregation input, you will see suggestions for potential rollup functions with a brief description of each function. For a complete reference of rollup aggregation functions, please see our rollup field reference.

If you only want to rollup certain linked records in each cell, you will need to use IF formulas to make conditional rollups. The created time field type will automatically show the date and optionally, time that a record was created. As with the date field, you can customize the date format, choose to include a time stamp, and choose whether to use the same time zone for all collaborators.

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Note that since the created time for a record will always be the same, there is no way to directly edit the contents of the cells in the created time field. You can choose to limit the field so that it will only show the last time that a specific field or fields were modified. For more information on the last modified time field, please read this full-length article on the last modified time field.

An autonumber column automatically generates a unique, automatically incremented number for each record.


Autonumbers can be helpful when you need a unique identifier for each record, or when using a formula in the primary field. Note that the autonumber field is not designed to count the number of records in a table. When a record is deleted, the remaining records are not re-numbered. This can leave gaps in the numbering.

To re-number an autonumber field in order to remove gaps, for example , you can either delete and re-create an autonumber field, or convert the field to a different type and then back to autonumber. A WhoIs IP search can also help you potentially determine the source of spam and other details related to a website.

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Each WhoIs tool identifies errors in your source code so that you can fix things like missing closing tags, errors in character encoding and more. No matter what DNS information you are looking for, WhoIs can help you identify anything related to domain names quickly and easily.

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