The Deer and the Serpent

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Natural World How it works.

By Earth Touch News July 25 Earth Touch News Earth Touch News Earth Touch is built on a simple philosophy: nature's stories should be told with passion and imagination. Success Stories. Predator vs Prey.

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  7. One evening the Buddha visited Uruvela Kassapa's hut and asked, "If it is not an inconvenience, may I spend a night in your kitchen? I am afraid it will harm you," said Uruvela Kassapa.

    Theophany Sermon: Stags As Serpent Killers

    The Buddha went into the kitchen, spread some grass on the floor for bedding, and sat down. The fierce serpent king, hearing the noise, came slithering out of a hole in the wall, opening his mouth to bite the Buddha.

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    I will subdue him by my love and kindness," thought the Buddha. The angrier the serpent king became, the more kindly and loving was Buddha. The serpent king could do him no harm.

    Early next morning Uruvela Kassapa went to the Buddha and found him sitting in deep meditation. The ascetic was surprised and asked the Buddha whether the serpent king had harmed him.

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    Out came the fierce serpent king and the ascetic started to run away in fright.