Time Travel Hippie Fling (Sci-Fi Fantasy Erotica)

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Forms of the Land, the flow of water, the occurrence of what us'd to be call'd Miracles, all are Text, -- to be attended to, manipulated, read, remember'd. And so, in "Against the Day," Pynchon takes to the sky, as if to gain a better vantage on what lies beneath.

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However, setting his narrative notionally around the turn of the last century, he soon decides he would rather not look down after all. Far better to ponder alternative realities: "a giant railway-depot, with thousands of gates disposed radially in all dimensions, leading to tracks of departure to all manner of alternate Histories. Lovers of the detective genre might find echoes of Conan Doyle's peculiar American coal-mine-country intrigue, "The Valley of Fear"; fans of Horatio Alger will spot nods to by-your-own-bootstraps nostalgia; P.

Wodehouse fanatics will be amazed to discover abundant Woosterish scenes peopled by wacky Brits they belong to an esoteric society called True Worshippers of the Ineffable Tetractys, or T. Wells "Walloping Wellsianism!

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Among all these genre detours, one is particularly unexpected. Throughout, Pynchon embraces the conventions of classic children's fiction, not only using variants of their props and window-dressing J.

Rowling's "cloak of invisibility" and Diagon Alley; Philip Pullman's zeppelins, animal warriors and portals to lateral worlds; L. Frank Baum's gnomes and talking roses but also annexing the concept of an entire juvenile series, the Tom Swift scientific adventure books, for his Chums of Chance. The chums, mysteriously ageless boys, as immortal as inhabitants of Oz, sail among the clouds in their high-tech hydrogen airship, fulfilling assignments of unclear origin or purpose.

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These adventurers float in the heavens, oblivious to the various forms of historic hell unscrolling on the landscape beneath their gondola. But Pynchon assigns them real-world doubles: the dead of World War I, "juvenile heroes of a World-Narrative -- unreflective and free," whose idealism flung them by the thousands into the muddy fields and trenches of Europe. Pynchon's Swiftian crew of Chums open the book, lifting off in their flying machine to head for the World's Fair in Chicago.

And yet, none of these diversionary tactics hide the author's intent. Even Miles Blundell, the jocular cook aboard the skyship Inconvenience cf Tom Swift's cowpoke cookie, Chow Winkler , picks up hints of it, "beaming good-humoredly" because he doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation. Pynchon subjects the Chums to reality tests, which they fail splendidly. He sends them on a perilous fool's errand under the sand; gives them a ride in a ramshackle time machine that shakes and roars and fills them with dread; and drops them at Candlebrow U.

There the Chums endure a chilling run-in with a group known as the Trespassers, grim visitors from the future who bring intimations of destruction and mortality. The boys recoil from the dark message, "ready to deal with hell itself, to betray anything and anyone if only they could be sent back to when they were young, be allowed to regain the early boys'-book innocence" they had previously enjoyed.

Luckily, like futuristic sylphs in a story by Wells, the Chums have a short memory, and soon embark on new missions, their resolve as resilient and self-renewing as fiction itself. Officially, they seek the same mythical Shambhala as earthbound men and women, but their real destination is their skyship. And even on the ground below, Pynchon's characters begin to doubt the sense of their own questing.

After a life of roving, Auberon Halfcourt adoptive father of the lascivious Yashmeen gives up his own quest, explaining, "For me, Shambhala, you see, turned out to be not a goal but an absence. Not the discovery of a place but the act of leaving the futureless place where I was. When Wells, the father of modern science fiction, published his first novel, "The Time Machine," in the newfangled genre was then known as "scientific romance" , he sent his time traveler to the year ,, to a post-apocalyptic terrain in which the upper classes had evolved into beautiful, helpless surface-dwelling innocents who served as food for a foul underground horde.

Returning briefly to the modern world to share this dismaying vision, the time traveler strapped himself back into his chrono-booth and disappeared for good. His abandoned contemporaries were left with the haunting question of why their friend had chosen not to stay with them. He "thought but cheerlessly of the Advancement of Mankind," they knew, and "saw in the growing pile of civilization only a foolish heaping that must inevitably fall back upon and destroy its makers in the end.

Sharing Wells's optimism and hopeful view of "futurity," they concluded that "it remains for us to live as though it were not so. Pynchon disagrees.

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Just a few years later, in "The Secret Agent," he presciently addressed the subject of terrorism and burst the daydream that science or ideology could create a solution for the problems of the modern age. Before long, she finds herself naked, with Chad squeezed between her legs. He will push her tightest. Published: October 31, by Sonia Robinson. A submissive first alpha male fantasy.

Tim is a submissive first year who's used to being a sissy, picked up by stronger alpha males and used for their own purposes. Published: November 14, Valerie, a sexy teacher, has caught her boyfriend in the act of cheating, then has her revenge. Published: October 31, An inexperienced schoolgirl gets curious about the alpha male that has been dating his roommate, and decides it's him she wants to get her pregnant. Published: February 18, After getting a lame birthday blowjob, Derrick gets an invitation from the two hottest girls in his lecture Eloise and Nila to have a study session with him.

They walk hand in hand up to their dorm room where they'll slowly strip him of his clothes and give him the birthday present that he deserved. His curvy girlfriend will want to redeem herself after knowing what they've done for him. Published: December 6, Suzy was the spoiled stepdaughter of a wealthy millionaire businessman. She always got her way. Entering her 20's without any skills or talents, she felt the sudden urge to get pregnant and be studded by the most masculine person in her life: her stepfather.

In a drunken moment, she asked him to breed her, fully expecting to get punished. Published: October 27, Candace had always wanted to forcefully get pregnant, but she had no interest in doing it with her boring husband. Her deepest wish was fulfilled one night when an alien invasion began. The alien monsters were stealing women by the hundreds, impregnating them and forcing them to pledge their loyalty to the alien race, forsaking their humanity while the world was set aflame.

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  6. Sophie and Jacky pool their money together to buy a magical bean, which when set under water, turns into a tentacle monster which hungers for fertile and young, sexy women. The sisters stand around at their father's boring party, annoyed with nothing to do. They nudge and wink, remembering their magic bean. Ella, the beautiful and big-breasted farmgirl, was plucking weeds in her father's field. She bent down under the hot sun, coming across a strange, wiggling tentacle sticking out of the ground.

    She stroked it and tugged it, awakening the creature underground. The monster sensed her fresh, sexy body, ready to pump her before her father came home. Trish and her girlfriend loved to get brutally fisted. They were sick of all the younger guys who lived in their apartment community, who were shy and afraid of the act, so they set their sights on the local lifeguard. Trish would let her girlfriend have sex with him to prep him up, then surprise him with the request.

    The girls wouldn't let him leave until he plugged their tightest holes. When her boyfriend steps out to the grocery store, Katy dials her alpha male neighbor Ryan to come over for a quickie.

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    What he doesn't expect is that regular sex is not what Katy is up for. She wants to be fisted, first anally, then vaginally. Her boyfriend could walk in at any minute, so he has to be fast and thorough. Celeste is applying for a job as a librarian, and she will do whatever it takes to put herself above the competition. She strives to prove she's a hard and loyal worker, even if it means allowing herself to get impregnated. Doug, her boss, was looking for a nerdy beta female to breed with, figuring a shy virgin librarian would be the perfect balance for his alpha genes to mate with.

    Kaitlin is staying over at her boyfriend's house for the weekend. While he's busy playing videogames, she's ovulating and really horny, ready to play.

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    This steamy erotic tale depicts her forbidden impulse to mate with his father, an alpha male only one room away. Words: 7, Lorna is an American waitress trapped in the Middle East. She scrounges her days together in rough poverty, barely making ends meet.

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    Her life changes when a sadistic trillionaire sheik enters the establishment and reels her in. The story revolves around a hundred million dollar bet he has made with his billionaire buddy, about the true nature of women. They are brought into their father's party where they mingle with the old, horny, wealthy guests. Cassandra contracted a rare disease which was slowly turning her into a snake. Getting pregnant was the only thing on her mind however, and as the metamorphosis escalated, so too did her sexual hunger.

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    7. She was getting more carnal and horny, seeing every man around her as a target to breed with. During her surprise birthday party, the innocent and sexy Aileen gets a very special gift: bukkake. Her sorority sisters bring out a group of guys to corrupt her innocence and blow their loads all over her face.

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