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The actor talks the Fox drama's full-season order, the Halloween episode, and whether Bright-Dani shippers should get their hopes up. She's none too thrilled when brother Malcolm Tom Payne arrives to consult about a new serial-killer case — which naturally sets off triggers regarding his troubled childhood — but when things quickly go south, it's all hands on deck. Including Martin's.

Am I the only one getting Sweeney Todd vibes? Inside Monday TV: You don't have to love theater though why wouldn't you? Acorn TV presents the delicious first season from for streaming, with a fabulous cast including Paul Gross as the festival's combustible director, Superstore 's Mark McKinney as its fretful manager, Luke Kirby as the American film star moonlighting as Hamlet, and Rachel McAdams as an ingenue.

You won't just binge, you'll swoon. Worth Watching: 'Jeopardy! We were judged on personality and our ability to ring in successfully. After getting great feedback from the producers, I went home to wait it out.

You Should Watch 'Jeopardy!' in the Morning

A couple of months later I was invited to come down to Hollywood to compete at a later date. During that time, I mostly spent my time studying and practicing with a video tape to ring-in using the pause button. Button skills are crucial, as current champ James Holzhauer has proven, and it turns out that he devoted a significant amount of practice and prep time on this skill alone.

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Lights would go on the sides of the game board to ring in. My day on-set was tremendous fun.

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My game was very competitive and close, and Alex congratulated us all for a well-played game. I learned later that the winner was runner-up in the Tournament of Champions that season. I should have studied a bit more on geography and commerce because our final round question concerned US Port Cities and the top two ports for moving cargo miles apart.

'Jeopardy!' champ James Holzhauer's brother says his streak is decades in the making

I guessed Los Angeles and Seattle, incorrectly. The correct two are New York and New Orleans. Our champ got it right. I went for broke and came in third.

Those days, you received consolation prizes. I won an under-counter refrigerator, which I gave to a friend who was building a house. John Leon who competed as Johnny was one-time champion, appearing in two shows that aired December , My Jeopardy! She appeared on both Jeopardy! After taking the online test countless times and auditioning in person four times, I finally got the call. I point to my relaxed attitude and confidence in the fourth audition for getting me through finally.

The next three weeks before my taping, I studied furiously and focused on subjects that consistently came up, yet where I lacked knowledge. These were mostly music, science and Shakespeare. When the big day came, I ended up getting very few questions related to those fields and ended up winning my game on a beer question.

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Sometimes it just comes down to luck. I was able to compete on a second taping, and both shows were aired right before Christmas in The two Final Jeopardy! Carolyn is an information specialist currently on assignment at ABC News. About fifteen years ago, my significant-other offered to get us tickets to Celebrity Jeopardy! And yes, my younger self was quite the armchair champ. When I auditioned, I had almost twenty years of corporate library experience in both news and management consulting research.

Still, my boyfriend was skeptical. So I finally grabbed for the brass ring, filled out an online application, and was subsequently contacted for an audition at the Waldorf Astoria.

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After almost a year had gone by, I got the call to be on the show. I was over-the-moon with excitement, telling all my closest friends and of course my employer. However, I deferred telling my family until after I was on the show, hoping to make any big win LOL a complete surprise. Contestants must pay their own way to Los Angeles.